This website and all information contained in it is for Student Day program. We are NOT open to the general public on these dates.
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2018 Student Day Show Schedule.

2018 Scavenger Hunt Questions

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Welcome to the Best Field Trip in History!

We are excited to have the chance to introduce you and your students to the Renaissance!

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Come join us at our 17th annual Student Day Program at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival! All pictures on this page were taken during the Student Day Program at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival, and helps illustrate the wide variety of things we have to offer.

Students have their picture taken at the Festival

Gates open from 9am to 2pm. Students may arrive any time after 8:00 am.

Grades 9-12 date is Tuesday November 13th
Grades 5-9 & Home School is Wednesday November 14th
Grades K-6 date is Thursday Nov 15th

These dates are suggested dates to ensure most students attending on any given date are of the same age group. If you are unable to come on a specific date, you are welcome to select a different date for your students to attend.

Basic admission includes access to the festival site, admission to all stage shows and demonstrations.
All vendor booths are open during our Student Day program, however some booths that normally carry high cost items may substitute other items to make the event more affordable for students.
Rides and games typically run $2-$4 each, drinks are $2-3 each and food items start at $3 each.
A water fountain is also available near the Royal Kitchen.

Jousting, always a crowd pleaser

Student and adult are $12 per person ($11.11 for tax free schools). Advance purchase tickets receive one free ticket for every ten student tickets purchased. All advance orders will include a $7 processing fee. Advance ticket reservations may be made any time prior to November 9th, which will allow us to have your complete order shipped to you or waiting for you when you arrive. If you have additional people join your group, they may purchase their tickets at the festival on the day of the event for $12.00.

For ticket orders that are paid in full by October 20th will receive a 10% discount. This is our way of saying 'Thank You' for paying your invoice early.

Weaving Demonstrations

We will begin mailing out orders as we receive payments beginning October 1st and continuing through November 1st. After November 1st ticket orders will be held at the festival ticket booth for pickup when you arrive to ensure they are not lost in shipping.

Bag lunches are available for $4.00 each and consist of a sandwich, chips, fruit, Capri Sun fruit juice and condiments. Bag lunches must be purchased in advance, and will be available for pickup near the Joust Field soda booth.Bag lunch orders are non-refundable and must be paid prior to your arrival. On school day our usual festival concessions, including our turkey legs, will be available. Food items typically range between one and five dollars. You may also elect to bring your own lunches.

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You can also place your order by fax to 877-203-2910 or by calling our Student Day office at 985-467-4766 or 877-827-4211.

The Sliding Joust ride